TPL and Error Handling & Continuation Tasks

Two of my colleagues (one from work and one from a user group) kindly pointed out to me that in my last post I omitted Continuation Tasksas a means of Error Handling for the TPL. As such, I will expand upon my last post with an example of handling errors via a Continuation Task. Continuing where we left off last, the following code will utilize a Task Continuation to handle errors within Tasks. [Read More]

TPL and Error Handling

As of .NET 4.0, the TPL or Task Parallel Library is king when it comes to parallelization. It allows for smooth, easy multi-threading for any application. There is a slight learning curve, however, and a major part of this is understanding how Exceptions bubble-up while using the TPL. Let’s partake in a simple example. This code will create and run a task that throws an Exception, and then attempt to catch it: [Read More]